The impulse to create new bibles is not new. Some 1,200 years after the time of Moses, enough people needed a new Bible that thousands of them accepted the New Testament − if not as a total replacement for the Old Testament, then surely as a fundamental reordering of the latter’s authority and importance. And some 600 years after that new bible came on the scene, Islam introduced its new Bible, the Koran.

So while making new bibles may be an old tradition, when an atheist does it, it’s certainly news. Shouldn’t atheists be the last people producing bibles? The fact that the latest edition of the “new” bible has been created by famed British philosopher A.C.Grayling, an avowed atheist, makes one wonder, why has he written this book?

Grayling’s view is that for historical reasons, religions have a grossly inflated place in the public domain, so that their voice and influence is amplified disproportionately. He has spent his entire career saying religion has too much influence, yet he has now written a book called “The Good Book: A Humanist Bible.” Funny choice of titles for such an assertive atheist, or is it?

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