After six seasons playing for the National Football League, former defensive tackle Art Moore was poisoned by rivals. Doctors told Moore he would probably die.

This near-fatal event was the catalyst that eventually turned the 6-foot-6-inch athlete into the senior pastor of the Yes I Can! church in Baton Rouge.

Moore and his wife Gail, a professional singer, started Yes I Can! as a non-profit in 1979. The ministry grew into a church located off Corporate Boulevard about a year ago.

Moore grew up in Daingerfield, Texas, and at age 13 he longed to become a football player.

After graduating from the University of Tulsa, Moore was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1973 before moving to the New England Patriots for most of his athletic career.

In the late ’70s, while recovering from the attack, Moore realized he and Gail had a unique platform to reach out to youth and positively impact their community.

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