These last several days many of my Reformed Baptist friends are disappointed and confused. The reason for their disappointment and confusion is Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Considered “Reformed” by many in the Baptist churches, Mohler is believed to be an authority, a great preacher and Bible teacher, and a scholar. I haven’t met a single Baptist that would venture in any way to question Mohler’s conservative Biblical commitment.

And yet, Mohler these days seems to be changing his position on a very important issue: sodomy, aka “homosexuality.” True, he doesn’t go so far as to openly declare that sodomy is not a sin. But many of his other statements about sodomy do contradict the unequivocal position of the Bible. He uses rhetoric borrowed from the vocabulary of the enemies of God: “homophobic.” (Would he also criticize those of us that are “cannibalophobic,” “murderophobic,” “sexual-offender-phobic,” and “thievophobic”?) He also calls it “sexual orientation.” (Theft in that case is “economic orientation,” and murder can be classified as “relational orientation.”) He uses arguments promoted by the defenders of sodomy: that “homosexuality is more than just a choice.” (Same can be said about murder, theft, kidnapping, false witness.)

And then, at the end, he says that,

…there is no way anyone in fair mindedness can be confused about what I believe about homosexuality…

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