There is never a shortage of examples of how Islam is slowly but surely creeping into Western democracies, with sharia law and other less than democratic features being promoted and eventually accepted. Democracy of course can be its own worst enemy as it seeks to accommodate itself to anyone and everyone, even those forces which are anti-democratic at heart.

Four more examples appeared in today’s press, and all make for worrying reading. Consider first two overseas examples. The Swedish city of Malmo is now effectively a no-go zone for Swedes, police, firemen and emergency workers. A quarter of the population is Muslim, and anti-Western rioting has become commonplace there.

As with many other European cities, many urban areas have come under the domination of Muslim radicals who are making life miserable for everyone else. Muslim immigrants there have refused to integrate, and are causing all sorts of major problems for authorities and the rest of the nation. Many do not know Swedish, and many refuse to even try to learn the language.

Swedish tolerance is being stretched to the breaking point, and many areas of Sweden are simply not safe to enter if you are a non-Muslim. The video link provided in the link below is well worth looking at. It makes for sobering viewing.

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