A Southern Baptist seminary president has reaffirmed confusing and controversial comments he made earlier when he called for his fellow Baptists to repent of a “form of homophobia.”

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Rev. Albert Mohler, Jr. stated last week that evangelicals need to repent of their treatment of homosexuals. The prominent Christian leader made his controversial remarks during the just completed Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix. He has since reaffirmed his comments in an interview with Baptist Press.

From the floor of the denomination’s annual gathering in Arizona, SBC messenger Peter Lumpkins of Georgia confronted Mohler concerning statements the seminary president made on homosexuality in a March 24, 2011, article in the Christian Science Monitor — specifically “how evangelicals broadly, and Southern Baptists particularly, have ‘lied’ about homosexuality, and practiced ‘homophobia.'”

Mohler responded: “This is part of the greatness of the Southern Baptist Convention — we get to have a conversation, and this is the kind of conversation worth having.”

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