Why is it that some nations keep appearing in the top five moonbat nations of the year category? Why do some countries consistently take out the prize for being the most politically correct, and therefore the most morally numbed and mentally melted?

The truth is, just as individuals can go off the rails big time and really lose the plot, so too can nations. And some nations, it seems, have been going down the gurgler a lot more often and a lot more thoroughly than others. Surely one nation which takes the cake here is Sweden.

It is in advanced stages of intellectual and moral degeneracy, and shows no signs of turning things around. I of course have written often about the PC shenanigans which regularly take place in this Scandinavian nation. It has for decades now decided that committing national suicide is a fun thing to do.

Absolute PC lunacy seems to be a national pastime with this country, and it seems to want to outdo itself with each new case of moonbattery. Consider the latest example of moral hari-kari, the latest example of its war against marriage and family.

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