I recently read an interesting news story about three men. They were three ordinary men with an extraordinary hobby. For some reason, these three men enjoyed hunting bald eagles. Now obviously the killing of our national bird cannot go unpunished. In fact, the United States government punished these men by charging them $250,000 per violation and 2 years in prison apiece. Obviously these men got what they deserved. However, it is my personal belief that the American government is incredibly inconsistent. You kill a bird and you receive a pretty hefty punishment, which is a good thing! You mutilate an unborn child; you are patted on the back for living your life how YOU want to. Are bald eagles really more precious than human life? America’s view of abortion defies common sense!

In an abortion a beating heart is stopped, and something that only God can create is destroyed. Yet every 25 seconds another potential doctor is killed. Every 25 seconds, another potential mother or father is killed. The Roman poet Ovid put it this way, “The first one who thought of detaching from the womb the fetus forming in it deserved to die by her own weapons.” Every 25 seconds, someone with the ability to cure cancer could be killed.

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