Gay marriage may be legal in New York today, but the National Organization for Marriage isn’t ready to bless the homosexual unions. In fact, NOM President Brian Brown just promised to spend at least $2 million during the 2012 elections to make sure Republicans get this message loud and clear: Voting for gay marriage has consequences.

“The Republican party has torn up its contract with the voters who trusted them in order to facilitate Andrew Cuomo’s bid to be president of the U.S.” Brown says. “Selling out your principles to get elected is wrong. Selling out your principles to get the other guy elected is just plain dumb.”

Few God-fearing Christians would disagree that gay marriage has widespread consequences. As Brown sees it, politicians who campaign one way on marriage—and then vote the other—need to understand that betraying and misleading voters won’t be tolerated. Brown has vowed not to continue to fight to protect marriage in New York, just like NOM is doing in New Hampshire and Iowa.

NOM’s pledge to commit at least $2 million in the 2012 elections to hold politicians accountable for their vote includes independent expenditures as well as through NOM PAC New York.

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