On July 11, according to news reports, a major change will take place in the “Book of Order” (constitution) of the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA) which, in my opinion, will become a milestone in the decline of that once dominant denomination of Presbyterianism.

At the General Assembly earlier this year, the delegates voted to submit this and other changes to the rules to be followed by communicant members and officials. Following that, according to the historical rules, a vote was taken in the Presbyteries (district assemblies) and it came out to approve this major change.

In case this scenario seems familiar, it follows very closely the procedure set forth in the U.S. Constitution for amendments to it. History tells us that this is no coincidence and that the structure of the U.S. government as set forth in the Constitution follows very closely that established at the founding of Presbyterianism in early day Scotland. At last count, there were fifteen different Christian denominations structured along Presbyterian principles. PCUSA is the one with the largest membership, but it is declining sharply now down to about half of its former size.

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