“I see it coming. The time will come when the masses of this country will start stoning their leaders and the so-called rich people when they see them in their cars.” That was Abubakar Tsav, veteran security strategist and fiery anti-corruption crusader, giving his verdict on the menace of the Boko Haram sect, which has held the country by the jugular for many months.

Frank as ever and shooting straight from the hip, the radical ex-cop, who came to the limelight during his days as the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, also traces the origin of Boko Haram, blaming it on injustice. According to Tsav, “terrorism starts when people have lost confidence in justice.”

He also speaks on other topical issues, among them the seeming helplessness of the police to secure life and property in the country, and scores President Goodluck Jonathan.

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