One thing is certain about the same-sex marriage debate. This will not be marriage as we know it. In fact it will be quite different. How do we know this? Because the homosexual activists have told us this. They have made it quite clear time and time again that the ‘oppressive’ and ‘restrictive’ concepts of faithfulness, fidelity and monogamy which is the bedrock of traditional marriage is just really not their thing.

The idea of one life-long partner “till death do us part” is not exactly high up on their list of what they consider marriage to be about. Many have said that the kind of marriage they envisage should be radically different. It should allow for extra-marital outlets as a matter of course.

But don’t take my word for it. Just listen to what they themselves are saying. And I have been listening to them for two decade now, and what they are saying in their own books, newspapers and magazines is often quite different from what they are presenting to the public at large.

Of course some are a bit more honest, and happen to spill the beans in the MSM. A great example of this occurred just this past weekend. I have already written about an incredibly wretched show on Sunday night which was the epitome of bias and blatant propaganda.

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