The Power, The Papacy and The Prime Minister’s Plot ought to be a retro movie in the Cold War era or the stuff of which the series of ‘Vatican Conspiracies’ are made of. But strangely, it also describes Prime Minister Najib Razak’s visit to the Vatican next week, which has generated much interest among the local Catholics as Malaysia has never initiated any diplomatic ties with the Vatican.

The Pope is the head of State in regards to the Vatican. The current Pope is Benedict XVI. He used to head the Congregation for The Doctrine of The Faith before being elected to the papacy in April 2005 and is widely regarded as one of the sharpest minds in the Catholic Church.

No one can really understand the need for the Malaysian Prime Minister to visit the Vatican although the official reason given was to improve bilateral ties and to enhance Christian-Islam dialogue. Be that as it may, it is still a tad suspicious taking into account the fact that the Najib Administration has unabashedly and some say with deliberate intent committed a number of transgressions against the Christians in Malaysia.

Fine and good if the move is to mend the soured feelings amongs the Christian community here and overseas. But bad and evil, if it is just another public relations ploy, that based on Najib’s record so far, it is not unfair to assume.

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