Suffering is a global and ever-present problem, yet author Palmer Chinchen doesn’t believe it has been very well addressed in many Christian circles.

His new book, God Can’t Sleep: Waiting for Daylight on Life’s Dark Nights, looks to deepen readers’ theological understanding of something that most of us simply hope to avoid altogether.

Chinchen spoke to The Christian Post Friday about how a good theology of suffering doesn’t involve running from pain. Rather, it means understanding that God is present during our toughest trials. God uses those times, he said, to change and mature His people.

“I think most Christians have not thought deeply or much about the problem of pain or about affliction,” he said. “Why does a God (who has the power to not allow it to happen), why does He allow that to happen? And I think, because we haven’t thought much about it, when the very worst things happen we end up … having very trite answers.”

The idea for the book came while Chinchen was living in Africa. A young girl there was burned to death when a candlelight service went wrong one Christmas Eve. As a result, both Chinchen and others began searching for answers regarding suffering.

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