Dr. Lily Vuong has spent many hours of the last decade translating religious texts amid dusty library basements. The assistant professor of religious studies, who is trained in eight languages — four of them ancient, came to VSU to encourage students to explore the faiths, cultures and traditions of religious origins. Vuong said she hopes to mold a community of critical thinking scholars who value diverse perspectives.

“By demonstrating the value of historical, cultural, political, sociological and theological approaches to the study of religion, my hope is to expand and challenge students’ critical thinking skills and prepare them to develop their own arguments and ideas,” said Vuong, who specializes in early Judaism, Christianity, and the ancient Mediterranean World. “Students who choose to become majors and minors in our department learn the skills to become better speakers, writers, and thinkers, which are precisely the skills graduate, medical and law schools are looking for in their prospective students.”

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