Religious Left icon Jim Wallis on Wednesday, July 20 led an ecumenical delegation into Barack Obama ’s White House to offer spiritual solidarity with the president in his federal debt show-down with congressional Republicans.

Asking, “What Would Jesus Cut?” Wallis enthusiastically met with Obama, accompanied by representatives of the National Association of Evangelicals, the National Council of Churches, the Salvation Army and the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Would Jesus bury America in debt? Would Jesus suffocate America with confiscatory taxes? Would Jesus entrap the needy as permanent wards of the state?  Presumably, these questions did not arise during the religious summit at the White House. Instead, these Big Government religionists reaffirmed their “Circle of Protection” for an unlimited welfare State. Ostensibly, even just talk about federal budget “cuts,” which in Washington parlance typically mean only potential limits on scheduled increases, is a vapors-inducing assault upon the poor, the elderly, and the ill.

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