As marketing and business models have had a greater influence on the church, new terminology and ideals have entered into our collective mind. Church’s now have vision, mission, and purpose statements. They have strategic goals and action plans.
I think many of these additions have been beneficial. I’m convinced God has given us a mission. I believe God wants us to use our brains in determining how to best fulfill that mission in our world. Goals, when they are rooted IN Scripture, can be a helpful way of motivating people.
It’s Misuse

However, this post is about attempting to use a certain Scripture to find “authority” for such practices. In doing so one verse has been used time and again, Proverbs 29:18

In fact, it is used by very influential people. Rick Warren uses it to support the claim that nothing is accomplished without vision or a goal. Bill Hybels states the verse teaches that without vision people are unable to obtain their goals. Laura Barrett, on the Huffington Post, uses it to call people to catch a clear vision on what our government needs to do in regards to public transportation (link).

Again, let me emphasize that in general these ideas are correct. I think it is a true axiom that vision and goal setting help us better reach our goals. The problem is THIS IS NOT WHAT THE VERSE IS TEACHING! Maybe it shouldn’t bother me, but it does. In fact, it really gets under my skin when people use verses out of context to lend God’s authority to their position.*

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