You’d think someone as smart as Yoko Ono who lived through Watergate would have learned the most important lesson the scandal taught all of us: the coverup is always worse than the crime. But, if several reports are to be believed, she didn’t and has for years been keeping secrets from all of us about her late husband.

First, thanks to rock biographer Steve Turner in his book “The Gospel According To The Beatles,” we learned several years back that Lennon was a fan of TV preachers like Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham.

That Lennon was seeking spiritual answers in the Japanese mountain town of Karuizawa where he and Yoko and Sean spent time was well known.

One missionary, Carol Fleenor, who claimed that the couple also once attended her church, Karuizawa Union Church, remembered her encounter:

“We talked a little more about our kids. Before I knew it, an hour had passed, and he, Yoko and Sean prepared to pedal off on their bikes,” she recalled. “‘It’s good to talk to all of you,’ John said. ‘I’ve been looking for something this summer, something spiritual,’ he continued. ”I’ve been speaking with a lot of the missionaries I’ve met here, about life and what it all means. Thank you for your words.’ He waved goodbye-and I waved back as they rode off, little Sean perched on his daddy’s handlebars.”

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