More than 10 years ago, Jonathan Barnett was sitting at college feeling sad about the way his life had turned out. That’s when he picked up a bible and read a verse in John 5:24 which talks about Jesus conquering death.

“It talks about how that we’ve crossed over from death until life,” said Barnett, co-founder of Crossover International, based in Lakewood.

He saw pictures in his mind of kids playing basketball executing a “crossover” dribble move and had an idea of using basketball to help kids crossover and discover Christianity. He called his best friend Nonzo Azubuike and the nonprofit, Crossover International, was born.

“Some of the countries that we’re going to this year including the Czech Republic is very, very known for the atheism,” Azubuike, co-founder and president of Crossover International, said.

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