North Korea has once again been described as the one of the last remaining strongholds like the Middle East, where malevolent, hidden spiritual forces and their human tools fight tooth and nail against the Holy Spirit to keep out the light of Christ.

The President of the International Christian Concern (ICC) ( Jeff King who stated this in release recounted that one hundred and thirty-five years ago, Robert Jermain Thomas of Wales spent everything he had (his life) in his mission to bring the word of God to North Korea.

He note that as the boat that was carrying the Bibles he was smuggling was burning at a port in North Korea, he furiously tore open the crates and threw Bibles to the crowds on shore, all the while shouting “Jesus, Jesus!”

“With his shirt on fire, he finally leapt into the water with a last arm-full of Bibles and swam to shore where he was taken to his death by authorities,” he stated.

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