The functions of religion from time of old till date contribute to the socio-economic and spiritual wellbeing and the overall uplifting of society.

Paul Tillich was right to define religion as “the ultimate concern of man” without which humans, or for that matter society, would be sent into an abyss of backwardness.

Nevertheless, religion aside, its good side is highly countered when viewed from the following background: religion in many ways promotes division and disunity in society because it manifests itself differently from one religion to another. People’s understanding of religion differs considerably, hence the division of religion into various typologies: Christianity, Traditional religion, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Zoroastrianism etc.

Today, believers of the same religion break further into different sects for one reason or the other. For example, in Christianity we have different denominations like Orthodox churches: Catholic, Anglican; the Protestants (Methodist, Presbyterians); the Pentecostals (church of Pentecost, Assemblies of God) and the Charismatic church (Calvary Charismatic Centre, International Central Gospel Church, Word Miracle, Action Chapel). Worthy of note is the fact that all these divisions are based on doctrinal differences, which can sometimes degenerate into unhealthy rivalry.

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