A Florida abortionist who frequently has run afoul of the law, James Scott Pendergraft, was in court last month facing damaging testimony in the case of a baby born alive after a botched abortion.

A few years ago, I began to chronicle the numerous criminal activities and botched abortions that surround James Pendergraft’s chain of Florida abortion centers. Pendergraft is featured in the new DVD, The Abortion Matrix, and more prominently in abortion clinic 911 Calls.

In 2007, pro-life evangelist Patte Smith and I put together a series of videos about Pendergraft. According to Smith, “Viable infants have been being killed by labor and delivery abortion each week at James Pendergraft’s abortion centers since 1996. Some of the babies have been born alive.”

In the clip below from abortion clinic 911 Calls, Smith describes the type of labor and delivery abortion that often results in second and third trimester babies being born alive and left to die. Here the case that resulted in this lawsuit, is described.

Plaintiff is awarded $36.7 million from notorious Florida abortionist
On November 15, 2001, a 20-year-old single mother drove her car to Orlando Women’s Center to abort her baby at 22.3 weeks gestation (a little more than halfway to her due date). If all went according to plan, her infant would be stillborn. She paid $1,300 cash to have her infant killed, but all did not go according to plan.

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