I refer to social flack one can get on any number of fronts. One can get criticised and berated simply for speaking out on a whole range of topics. One can get slammed even when one has the best of intentions. One can get viciously attacked simply for taking an unpopular stance on some contemporary issue.

So in the interests of sparing you all this social disapprobation, I here offer a handy list of things you can do to ensure that you live a quiet and peaceful life. Indeed, follow this instruction list carefully, and I can almost guarantee that you will live a life of ease and tranquillity.

Here then are some helpful dos and don’ts:

-Always remain silent whenever a controversial topic is being discussed.
-Refuse to enter into any debate on religion or politics.
-Never offer your opinion on any hot potato issue.
-Always simply agree with what anyone else says.
-Fully embrace the PC agenda.
-Always go along with the crowd.
-Never quote from the Bible or great Christian heroes.
-Don’t try to make the world a better place.
-Whatever you do, never rock the boat.
-Always agree with your ideological adversary.
-Fully embrace the postmodern conviction that there is no absolute truth.
-Latch on to the idea that the main thing in life is to be “tolerant”.
-Avoid all public debates and discussions.
-Stay away from all social media.
-Never write a letter to the editor.
-Do not engage in talk-back radio.
-Steer clear of any public forums where controversial issues are being discussed.
-Convince yourself that keeping the peace is our greatest calling.
-Cultivate a fear of offending anyone or upsetting anyone.
-Let the fear of man be your main motivation in life.
-Let the praise of men rather than the fear of God be your guiding principle.
-Buy into the line which says we should just be “loving” and not get bogged down in doctrine.
-Make sure you put your own personal comfort and wellbeing above all else.
-And above all – rule numero uno – never, ever talk about your Christian faith in public. Keep your mouth shut and never dare to talk about your faith with anyone. This one bit of advice alone will save you countless attacks, rebukes, and instances of ridicule, scorn, derision and mockery.

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