Brazil already has some of the world’s biggest and most vibrant gay groups, with millions of people taking to the streets all across this South American nation to celebrate their sexual identity in gay pride marches.

Now, in a move blasted as discriminatory by some and farcical by others, councilors in Brazil’s largest city São Paulo have voted to introduce a rival “Heterosexual Pride Day.”

The man behind the move, Carlos Apolinário of the right-wing Democrats Party, said he didn’t want a parade to celebrate heterosexuality on the third Sunday of December, the day chosen to mark the occasion. He did, however, feel compelled to make a symbolic move to shore up Brazil’s eroding “morals.”

Mr. Apolinário, who has the support of Brazil’s powerful Protestant church lobby, said, “The creation of Heterosexual Day does not symbolize a struggle against gays but against what I believe are excesses and privileges.”

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