What does true patriotism look like? If you follow politics then you know the word patriotism and patriot is used a lot. Politicians claim they are patriotic. Opponents state the other guy is not. Whole parties are claimed to be unpatriotic. What defines patriotism is often subjective.

Jeremiah the Patriot

Jeremiah had a great love for his nation. He was a patriot. He mourned the judgment coming upon the people. He understood the sin of the people and spoke out against the sin. He also understood God’s judgment because of sin. In chapter 38 Jeremiah has been told by God to preach that the city will be destroyed. This is not an easy message for Jeremiah, but it is the truth. Jeremiah had a love for his people. However, he had a greater love for God and speaking the truth.

The result of Jeremiah preaching this message was a strong accusation. The accusation was clear, Jeremiah is being unpatriotic. He is hurting the nation with his words. He is discouraging the fighting men. Because of these so-called unpatriotic actions and words of Jeremiah, he was thrown into a cistern to die.
What do we learn about patriotism from Jeremiah?

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