Some youngsters — including the pastor’s — had just run across the street from New Beginnings Baptist Church to the parsonage for a drink of water when the shoot-out began. Others were still in the church parking lot.

When three police officers on patrol in Rapid City, S.D., stopped a group of four men weaving down the sidewalk in front of the church about 4:30 p.m., one pulled out a concealed handgun and began shooting; police returned fire. Despite wearing protective vests, one officer died at the scene and another died Sunday. The third, released a week after the incident, has a jaw wired shut from the melee.

Also dead: the only one of the four men who fired a weapon, a Native American, who died days later in the hospital.

Truman Savery, pastor of New Beginnings since last October, has been ministering to the community, the police officers’ and the Native American’s family and friends and to the church family since the Aug 2 sidewalk shootout.

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