It’s not every day residents on Chicago’s South Side see two men in Orthodox Jewish garb walking the streets. But they might see them every day for the rest of the month.

In their black suits and broad-brimmed black hats, yeshiva students Yessi Edelkopf and Shaul Wolf cut an unusual figure as they roam the neighborhoods near the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus and parts south, seeking out fellow Jews to engage in brief conversations and perhaps to give a box of Shabbat candles.

In three days of searching, the earnest, young duo said they have greeted about a half-dozen South Side Jews. The rabbinical students have proved a spectacle so unusual, they have been asked to pose for pictures with residents who have never laid eyes on an Orthodox Jew.

“A lot of people think we’re Amish,” said Edelkopf, a 21-year-old from upstate New York, on Sunday.

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