When Christians are witnessing, should they just stick to the New Testament where the life and saving work of Jesus is discussed, or would including parts of the book of Genesis be helpful? Regardless of what witnessing material is used, a number of basic truths need to be explained to a non-Christian. The diagram here is based on a common type of gospel tract.1

After acknowledging that there is a creator God who loves us, a person must accept that they are a sinner separated from God by their sin. However, many people are reluctant to take this second step. Some people believe that right and wrong are relative, so God will be satisfied if they do what they believe is right for them. Others believe in a ‘Santa Claus’ God who bestows blessings on everyone.

Many people claim that behaviours like selfishness, lying, and cheating to get ahead in life are not sin but merely part of our nature, since mankind evolved through the ‘survival of the fittest’. Many others believe that they are ‘good enough’ to be accepted by God. And so on.

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