Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney may have taken his share of criticism for flip-flopping on healthcare, but now pro-family activist and author Amy Contrada is challenging Romney on social issues in a book titled, Mitt Romney’s Deception – His Stealth Promotion of “Gay Rights” and “Gay Marriage” in Massachusetts. With over 600 pages of in-depth analysis, Contrada cites numerous examples of Romney’s support, or lack thereof, on social and pro-family issues.

The book describes what Contrada says is “the shocking, but under-reported record” of Romney’s support of gay rights and gay marriage during his term as Massachusetts governor. The author claims that contrary to Romney’s campaign comments of defending marriage and traditional values, he actually undermined them by working closely with homosexual activists and advisers while in office.

For example, Kevin Jennings started out as a teacher at the Concord Academy before rising to the position of Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education in the Obama administration. Jennings was the founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network prior to joining the administration. Contrada makes clear that Romney and his administration supported these and similar programs that left pubic school children exposed to the belief that homosexual behavior is mainstream and within moral guidelines.

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