Chinese pharmaceutical companies are grinding up dead babies into stamina-enhancing pills, according to a South Korean television network.

A documentary team from SBS TV, formerly known as Seoul Broadcasting Station, reported on the gruesome practice, according to the International Business Times (IBT), an online business newspaper published in 10 languages.

Hospitals and abortion clinics in China cooperating in the trade quickly contact drug firms when a baby dies. The deaths normally are by still birth or abortion. The companies reportedly buy the corpses, store them secretly in refrigerators, place them in medical drying microwaves and grind them into powder. The powder is placed in capsules for sale as stamina boosters, it was reported.

“These babies deserve a decent burial; instead they are ground up for someone’s fountain-of-life elixir,” said ethicist Ben Mitchell, who added that there have been other cases of people using embryonic or fetal tissue for cosmetic purposes.

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