An entire generation in the West has been force-fed a steady diet of secular leftism, moral relativism, and postmodern psycho-babble. Our schools, media, legal system and popular culture – among others – have dumbed down an entire generation, instilling in them every idiotic and puerile PC dogma and leftist tenet of belief possible.

Thus most people today, raised and reared in that system, are now becoming close to zombies, parroting the latest trendy leftwing fads and foolishness, not even aware of how little bearing their ideas are to reality, common sense, history or basic morality.

This is the very frightening legacy of years of concerted efforts to wear down the West from within. Gramsci and others fully outlined their intentions in this regard years ago, and we are now seeing the fruit of their labours. I have written about the scourge of cultural Marxism elsewhere.

It is not just the steady stream of indoctrination, propaganda and agenda-pushing from our schools and elsewhere that is so problematic. Even worse still is the result of all this. Not only is Western culture going down the gurgler (just what the leftist militants want), but our very ability to think and reason is being destroyed as well.

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