As delegates to a World Council of Churches (WCC) gathering noted Christianity’s growth in the global South, church leaders from Africa and Asia stressed that partnership in mission and evangelism is needed more than ever.

“We acknowledge that the growth of Christianity in the global South (Africa and Asia) is the result of the success of the North’s mission and evangelism work,” the Rev. Opoku Onyinah of the Pentecost Bible College in Ghana told ENInews on 23 March.

Speaking before a pre-assembly of the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME), Onyinah said Pentecostal churches’ emphasis on personal religious experiences and encounters with the Holy Spirit has helped many churches in Africa grow.

“But as the North needs missionaries from the South to help them in their evangelism and mission work, we still need each other’s partnership,” he said. The North, for example, can help provide theological training on mission and evangelism, which many Pentecostals lack, he said.

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