The news is full of one scandal after another and most of America has forgotten about the Sequestration that was to usher in the economic doom of our nation.  (Too late, Obama already ushered it in.)  Forgotten or not, federal employees in a number of departments will start taking forced furloughs without pay this summer.  Paychecks will run short and some personal budgets may be stretched to the near breaking point.

Among those being furloughed are Border Patrol and Custom Agents, both of which are part of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  Some of these agents may be facing up to 13 or more furlough days between now and September.  How well would you fare if you were forced to lose that many days’ worth of paychecks?

Now what would you say if you found out that while you were being forced to take furlough days off that your employer was planning to spend millions of dollars to provide abortions to illegals being detained for deportation?

Believe it or not, Democrats in Congress have listed ICE funded abortions for illegals being detained as part of the benefits they’ll receive while in custody.  Perhaps to add insult to injury, most of the immigration detainees these days are convicted criminals being released from prison.  Remember that Obama forbids deporting non-criminals since they are potential voters.

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