So it’s come to this. These people, these Obamanistas, these ‘fundamentally transform America’ thieves, spit on the Constitution daily. They mock American values. They rule by fiat. But according to them, freedom-minded Americans, who identify with the Founding Fathers and subscribe to the truths and ways in our founding documents, we are the extremists and the haters.

Now they’ve gone too far. Now they tell us that unacceptable, dangerous extremists include George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin.

Democrats – normal thieves and thugs
This bunch of Democrats has for generations thwarted the will of Americans and undermined the plain meaning of the Constitution through unjust court decisions. They’ve pitted groups of Americans against each other for the sake of their own power. With the consent of no one they’ve: chased any semblance of Christianity or even morals out of the public arena; foisted homosexual “special rights” upon America; bit by bit, regulated the freedom out of our daily lives; made a mockery of the rule of law; applied civil rights only to special favored classes; and spent us over a financial cliff.

More recently, under the reign of the Obamanistas, they’ve accelerated the demise of the American way. They ignore court rulings. They ignore the duty of the executive branch to faithfully execute the duly enacted laws of the land; instead, they write their own laws and enforce nothing else. They cowtow to Islam. They fund and support, in both Libya and Syria, the very terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. They declare the producer the enemy while they take his money, hand it out to their own constituents, and tell them what a rotten, hateful bum he is, and that he never deserved anything he worked for.


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