Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) declared victory in a Christmas music case following a public outcry against a Wisconsin school board’s alleged attempt to limit religious songs in school performances. The Master Singers, Wausau West High School’s elite choir, which formed the center of the debate, resumed practice on Tuesday.

“The courts have never thought [of religious songs in schools as] a problem because there’s obvious secular reasons for them in concerts,” Rory Gray, ADF litigation counsel, told The Christian Post on Tuesday. Gray argued for the cultural and educational value of traditional religious songs, mentioning that many traditional carols involve “complex music, written by masters.”

The controversy arose early this month when Phillip Buch, director of Wausau West High School’s choral programs since 1981, told the Wausau Daily Herald that Wausau School District administrators gave him three restricting options for Christmas music: include five secular, nonreligious songs for every faith-based carol; hold a concert without any Christmas music; or postpone concerts in December.

Since his elite choir, the 20-member Master Singers, is invited to sing at “nearly a dozen holiday concerts each year,” Buch called these demands unacceptable. Due to the new restrictions, he disbanded the group on Oct. 4. “We sing for nursing homes, grade schools and businesses. To do that without Christmas music doesn’t make sense,” the director said.

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