Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida must be a real history buff.

It’s well-known, at least to people who know their history, that the Democratic Party after the Civil War formed the Ku Klux Klan to keep black Americans down after the Republican President Lincoln and the Congress abolished slavery.

When blacks were freed from their Democrat masters, the former slave holders just couldn’t stand it. Having already had their behinds kicked all up and down the Mason-Dixon line by the Union, and mostly afraid to openly go against federal authority again, the Democrats took to wearing robes and hoods to hide their identities and began terrorizing blacks who were deemed “uppity” during nighttime raids.

Their trademark symbol became the burning cross, a dreaded sign that appeared in front of many homes and businesses as a warning that despite what the law said, the forces of tyranny and bigotry were hard at work making sure that ordinary people knew where the real power lay.

Now Grayson is going back to his party’s roots and reviving the tradition of using a burning cross to put down people who oppose tyranny and lawbreakers.


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