If you’re hoping that next April’s release of the “Noah” film is the next Christian blockbuster that will inspire people to seek God, you might want to hold your wallet – not your breath.

A rough cut of the movie, starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma “Hermoine Granger” Watson, has been held up to the light of Scripture and has been found to be grossly different.

Even the trailer makes it obvious that the producers took many liberties, playing fast and loose with the biblical text.

Listen to what Crowe himself had to say about Noah being “not even very nice,”for letting humans perish, even though as Todd Friel points out, the real Noah was a preacher of righteousness.

In his article titled “Don’t Be Taken In By The Noah Movie’s Promotion, Ken Ham over at Answers in Genesis suggests that this movie might just be another Hollywood con:

I believe the trailer was put together very carefully and cleverly to attract Christians and Jews—those who might be inclined to pay to see the film and not speak out against it. In fact, many Christians and Christian organizations have already come out publicly to say they can’t wait to see this movie.

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