A local atheist chapter in New Jersey is bashing the Pope and other religious leaders for suggesting Christians pray for victims of natural disasters. The group has launched a series of digital billboards that read “Disaster victims need prayer […] real help.”

New Jersey’s American Atheists chapter will be posting digital billboards with that phrase and others throughout the center of the state, the organization announced this week. The six billboards will include the same phrase with the words “bible” and “religion” crossed out instead of “prayer,” and they will be erected on three major highways with the help of the advertising company Clear Channel Outdoors.

In a press release by American Atheists, the organization argues that following the massive destruction of Typhoon Haiyan earlier this month in the Philippines, Catholic leaders, including the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines and Pope Francis, have responded to the disaster in “non-helpful ways” that include sending bibles and rosaries to disaster victims and tweeting for Christians to pray for those affected by the Typhoon.

“Imagine if the Pope had asked for people to send money to victims or to send needed supplies. How much more useful would that have been to the people of the Philippines? This is insulting,” said American Atheists President David Silverman in the press release. “Over 5,500 people have died, so Pope Francis leads people in prayer, and they send bibles and rosaries. This is repugnant; natural disasters should not be viewed as opportunities for proselytization.” Silverman continued, “Religion is not charity. It’s business masquerading as charity, and it needs to be recognized as such.”

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