A Christian political science professor believes that Republicans should welcome Barack Obama to stay in Washington, D.C., after he leaves office next month.

There has been much talk that the Obamas still have much work to do in the nation’s capital after the president hands the keys over to the incoming president of the United States, Donald Trump.

In fact, the Chicago-based Obama Foundation is reportedly considering setting up a branch office in Washington, D.C., and other reports indicate that the soon-to-be former president will be working out of the garage of his $5 million, 8,200-square-foot mansion in the District of Columbia.

In an interview with National Public Radio, President Barack Obama shared that one of his missions after leaving office will be to develop a new generation of leaders on issues such as climate change, criminal justice reform and expanding health insurance coverage.

The Democratic Party has suffered electorally during the course of Obama’s presidency. He will leave office with the GOP controlling both the White House and Congress.

Obama stressed in the interview that Republicans have been systematic in building from the ground up and admitted that Democrats have ceded much territory in national and international issues.

Dr. Charles W. Dunn, who serves as Professor Emeritus of Government at Clemson University, contends that Obama’s post-White House ambitions supersede what he was able to do during his two terms.

“Barack Obama has not accomplished in eight years as president what he says he wants to accomplish now – when he is out of office [in a few weeks],” Dunn mused. “For Republicans, this is a like a gift that keeps on giving.”

Dunn maintains that Obama had the opportunity – a candidate within the Democratic Party – who could have won election.

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