On Mondays, we report on good news from the 40 Days for Life campaign – and this is good news!

Since the vigils began on March 1, our local leaders have become aware of … 98 babies whose mothers chose life at the last possible moment! It’s always amazing to watch the hand of God in action … and it often comes in unexpected ways.

Charleston, South Carolina

I was blessed to witness a child saved from abortion,” said one of the 40 Days for Life volunteers in Charleston.

A woman walked out of the abortion center and gave the vigil participant a thumbs-up.

“I waved her over and she told me that her daughter was in the clinic and had planned to have an abortion because she and her boyfriend were breaking up,” the volunteer said. “The mother said that she had been trying to talk her daughter out of the abortion and had even offered to raise the child for her.”

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