Thanks to the internet, kids today have access to all kinds of information – and not all of it is beneficial. In fact, according to statistics, 70% of teens use smartphones, 80% of parents aren’t sure how to monitor their child’s online activities, and 46% of teens said they would change their online behavior if they knew their parents were paying more attention.

To help parents maneuver technology and keep their kids safe online, Matt McKee, a pastor, husband and father, penned the book Parent Chat: The Technology Talk for Every Family.

“I want to help parents help their kids have a healthy relationship with technology,” McKee told The Gospel Herald during a sit-down interview in Orlando, Florida. “That parental control, that relationship, will actually beat any technology that’s ever created. Parents have to be able to have a conversation with their child and be able to understand the way that their child is looking at whatever piece of technology it is. That’s where parents must start. They have to be able to ask open-ended questions and let their children know that they care for them and trust them.”

McKee’s passion for helping parents wisely navigate the world of technology stems from personal experience. Several years ago, he was dismayed to learn his 9-year-old son had accessed adult sites while at a friend’s house.

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