Women are in real danger of being silenced and harmed by the madness now enveloping us.

Don’t believe the politicians and social justice warriors. It seems bullying is only bad if it’s done by the wrong people toward the wrong people.

Women are in real danger of being silenced and harmed, not by the “patriarchy” or by old-school sexism and discrimination, but by the madness now enveloping us. Fear of the bullies has left many women unwilling to call the madness what it is.

Women — and our young daughters — are the first mandatory sacrificial offering to the greedy god of “gender identity” and “transgenderism.”

Telling Daughters to Shut Up About Their Discomfort

Female-only public spaces are vanishing as this madness takes over every aspect of our lives. Common sense and decency both demand that women have showering, dressing, and bathroom facilities that are private and separate from men. But that obvious decency is too much to ask any longer. Women are now expected to shut up and endure the violation when a man walks into the restroom, locker room, or dressing room. Even young girls are told they cannot object to seeing the naked male form or they will be branded as intolerant bigots.

The pressure to accept without the slightest complaint this new code that deprives women of privacy and safety, to conform or else, is intimidating and difficult to resist.

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