The word “precedent” has been mentioned numerous times during Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing. But Senator Dianne Feinstein’s inquiries during Day 2 caused me to contemplate and marvel at what Sir William Blackstone, one of the most widely read contemporaries of the drafters of the Declaration of Independence and framers of the Constitution, called the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

Blackstone affirmed the parallel equality of the “laws of nature” (the moral law governing nature and inscribed on the heart of man) to the “law of God” (the revelation of the same law in Scripture). Senator Feinstein, though, was pressing Judge Gorsuch to agree that the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, which decriminalized killing unborn children, was not only a precedent but something now called a “super-precedent.” In doing so, she insinuated it was solidly supreme.

As if to carve in stone the infallibility of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions by tacking on superlatives – no matter how incorrect and unjust the SCOTUS decision might be – Feinstein and other dissenters of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God aimed for supremacy over God’s law.

In the end, they will always lose no matter how many “super-super-super’s” they put before the word “precedent” because God has already spoken and given us His Supreme Law. Here it is: the right to life is inalienable, unalienable, absolute, immutable, unassailable, indisputable and undeniable.

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