Evangelist Franklin Graham has slammed the Republican party for failing to repeal and replace and Obamacare and said both parties need to “lay their pride and greed aside” and work to better their country.

In a heated Facebook post, the 64-year-old son of Billy Graham expressed his disappointment in Republicans for pulling the American Health Care Act bill after failing to garner enough votes to pass the bill.

“Doesn’t it just make you sick?” he asked. “I’m so disappointed in the Republican Party-again-for not working together to get America the health care plan we need, as they had promised.”

Graham added, “And the Democrats’ glee over what they’re trumpeting as a failure is shameful. Their driving desire to block all things Republican branded, no matter what it means for the American people, is sickening. Can’t they see we have huge issues looming over us as a nation?”

Before any positive change can take place, the United States needs bipartisan problem-solving, the leader of Samaritan’s Purse contended.

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