Warned that her unborn daughter would not survive, Sandra Notman began planning her baby’s baptism and funeral while she was still pregnant.

The Daily Mail reports Sandra and her husband, Andrew, asked a priest to be at the hospital when their daughter was born so that she could be baptized. The grieving couple also picked out a coffin and dress for their daughter’s burial.

Doctors left little doubt in the Notmans’ minds that their daughter would be stillborn or die shortly after birth.

But she didn’t.

The Notmans’ daughter Rachel now is 25 years old and doing well. Rachel has a college degree in fashion textiles and is engaged to be married, according to the report. Though her health continues to be a struggle, she is glad to be alive.

“I hope by telling my story we give others hope. I’m living proof that where there is life, there is hope. Always,” Rachel told the Mail.

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